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s. >> good evening. i'm dan. we are going to begin fwhit abc 7 news exclusive. some court employees accused of taking
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bribes. 2 people are under arrest accused of fixing tickets in exchange for cash. vick lee dug up the story. >>reporter: juan hernandez arrested in late august after deputy say he got caught in a sting set up by alameda county sheriff's office in the fremont courthouse woman they are not identifying went up to the window to pay a ticket. it was a large fine. deputy say he offered to fix the ticket in return for cash. instead she reported the bribe offer. >> according sources to familiar with what happened the deputy gave the woman marked bills. one source tells us they were 100 dollar bills. sources say the woman then handed the money over to hernandez. as deputies watched this is sheriff spokesperson nelson. >> the person went forward and did that. had their record taken care of basically at third less than what it would
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have cost. >>reporter: early last week felix was arrested after court officials launch investigation to see who else may have been involved they did an audit of the books and found discrepancy and at that point mr. chavez also arrested. >>reporter: alameda county court administrators declined our request for interview. they did issue a statement confirming the arrest. but said according to judicial canon of ethic and other restriction were unable to comment on pending cases and related personnel issues. but appropriate administrative actions have been taken. both the court and the sheriffs office say they are investigate. >> investigation on these 2 people is ongoing and to see how far back it goes and how wide spread it is. >>reporter: now hernandez is charged with accepting a bribe embezzlement and grand theft and chavez also charged with the same and as you just heard sergeant nelson say the big
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question now is just how wide spread were these bribes and are they occurring in other courthouses? that is the focus of the investigation. vick le, abc 7 news. . >> being asleep at the switch for not fixing dangerous pipeline like the one that blew up if san bruno two weeks ago. senate majority leader florez of kern county fired off a letter to the utility today demanding that they turn over hundreds of pages of internal documents including the names of any pg&e employee who worked on the pipeline prior to the explosion. we are left with an inescapable question he writes. did pg&e neglect deferred maintenance pattern of non-fees answer cause the tragedy in san bruno end quote. pg&e also called to testify under oath at senate hearing in washington next week. in the mean time nearly 1,000 people attended a memorial service late today for 3 more victims of the san
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bruno fire. 3 generations of one family 85-year-old bullet and 50-year-old son gregory and his 17-year-old son william. amy is there tonight and this family really well loved. >> the family was full of life and that was celebrated today. friends say they were easy to love and will be greatly missed. is. almost 1,000 people gathered in burlingame today to remember 3 members of the bullies family. 85-year-old levon and her 50-year-old son greg and his 17-year-old son will. >> it was like they love one another their community and church community they play and laugh together. pretty great family. they touched a lot of lives. >>reporter: so many the church and the neighborhood ran out of parking spaces. soq
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buses, ferry people from the parking lot at mills high school. out door seating and speakers were provided to handle the large crowd. >> it was just a lovely service. very kind people. everybody loved them. they never said anything bad about anyone. they would be the first person to help you out. >>reporter: the bullies lived on clairemont drive in san bruno. friends say the surviving family members at times feel overwhelmed by grief. >> everything was literally consumed in the fire. so as family they are just doing their best to hold together and to get through this. >>reporter: the family decided to keep the funeral private but did step outside to watch members of the marine corps honor greg who served in the navy. coroner office wasn't able to confirm the deaths of these 3 family members until wednesday of this week. nearly two weeks after the explosion. the
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announcement brought the death toll to receive. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. okay. thank you very much amy. >> 2 suspect arrested for posing as victims of the san bruno catastrophe in order to get gift cards and other aid have now been formally charged. bennett and taylor are each accused of felony counts including commercial burglary, perjury and identity theft. investigators say they went to the disaster assistance center and submitted addresses of homes damaged by the explosion and fire. both remain free on 25,000 dollar bail. 2 others arrested have already been charged. >> on to other matter now we have the cell phone video of the fake arrest of san jose teenager and you are about to see it. the family of 15-year-old boy took the video and gave it to our media partner mercury news saying that they wanted people to see how a san jose police officer abused his authority. the story now from us.
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>> fat of 15-year-old boy took this cell phone video and gave it to our media partner the san jose mercury news. we have blurred the face to protect the identity of those involved. the family now wants the video released. saying it shows a san jose police officer abused his authority when he found out their son had sex with the officer's 14-year-old stepdaughter. family attorney says the officer showed up unannounced and took their son into a separate room. >> they heard noise a thud and they saw their son on the floor in handcuffs. getting up. >>reporter: the video segment we reviewed is 5 minutes and 37 second long. we talked today with the officers attorney right after she watched the cell phone video for the first time. she says it shows a concerned father
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who was given permission to use scary straight tactic. >> at no time do you hear parents of the young man objecting. getting upset. crying. so the video peps absolutely ex cull patory from the cop's perspective. >>reporter: points to early portion of the video in which the boy's father speaks up while his son is in handcuffs. the family's attorney says the officer threatened the teenager numerous times and crossed the line in using his position as an officer to settle a domestic matter. not a good thing. person you had sex with is a cop's daughter. could file charges. >>reporter: san jose police told us on wednesday that both juveniles were cited for having sex with a minor.
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those citations are likely in the hands of juvenile probation for possible referral to the district attorney's office for her part the da says she's reviewing the case to see if the officer involved faces any criminal charges. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> judge today temporarily suspended criminal proceedings against the man accused of kidnapping dugard and holding her prisoner for 18 years. the public defender says the client may be mentally incompetent to participate in his defense. he faces charges including kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment in the 1991 disappearance of j.c. dugard. >> what we are talking about here is whether or not a citizen is making is able to make a decision about his case. when somebody wants to either go to trial for crazy reasons or wants to not go to trial for crazy reasons that person is not competent. >>reporter: the judge said he based his decision on talks
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with the attorney and observing the defendant in court over the past few months. judge did not halt proceedings against his wife nancy. the first man to be executed in california in 4 years could be put to death on wednesday morning. today federal judge ruled that the state can resume execution to san quentin with convicted killer brown scheduled to die next week. mark matthews tonight explains the ruling and its consequences. >> in 1980 albert greend with brown was found guilty of kidn kidnapping, raping and killing a 15-year-old girl. he dragged susan jordan into the orange grove and killed her then used this phone to call her mother and taunt her saying you will never see your daughter again. by phone jordan brother told our sister station in los angeles brown should have been put to death long ago. >> stole the future from her and future with all of us. about with her being in our lives.
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>>reporter: prosecutors in riverside that are pushing for the execution say it's a shame the family has had to wait this long. >> the fact that this execution has been delayed for almost 30 years now is one of the most frustrating things that we have to deal with. >>reporter: in 2006 judge stopped execution in california saying the death chamber at san quentin was inadequate and that the procedures were sloppy. officials at the prison spent 800,000 refurbishing the facility and restraining. but in san francisco today the aclu is mountain ago legal challenge for next week execution saying there are still unresolved arguments that lethal injection cause undue pain. >> there was substantial likelihood that an execution would lead to serious pain. that issue still remains in front of judge vogue el. >>reporter: but as our legal analyst points out, evidence that the injection cause serious pain wasn't presented to judge vogue el. >> given that brown's attorney
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bear the burden of come in with evidence that there's about to be an unconstitutional execution many he finds that the evidence is just not there. >>reporter: brown's attorney and the aclu is taking their argument to the 9th circuit court of appeal and judge in marin county our legal analyst say they have a good shot at winning the delay. this is 7 news. >> think about this for a moment. is there a criminal caring for your grandmother. coming up. convicted felon hired by california's home health care program. >> police say never hang on to your old immediate. ahead on 7 on your side. how you can get rid of them safely. >> steamy for some. warm for others this weaned. i'm sandy and i will have the full range of temperatures coming up. >> also ahead tonight. >> also ahead tonight. victory in a don't ask don't i want you to
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what were the facts? fact: march 72000. brown asks voters for n mayoral power to appoint school board members. heets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate ineases...50%. the school budget goes into a 0 million dollar deficit. the schools become so d...the state has to take them over. jerry own. failure as governor. failure as mar. failure we can afford now. is. >> many ski resort located on u.s. forest land and already required to provide accident reports. another bill co-authored by state senator
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lee of san francisco would have required children to wear helmet on the slopes. now the governor signed that one but since it was contingent on the other neither will become law. >> believe it or not killers rapist and other crook with violent past can end up providing home care for an elderly person that you love. so tonight the governor wants the law changed so felon are forbidden from providing home care for some of the most vulnerable people in our statement annette is in is sacramento. >> they are some of california most vulnerable citizens the elderly and disabled who need state subsidized in home care but hundreds of the care gives have violent path. >> burn someone house down. >> yes. murder somebody. rape a 3-year-old. yes. >>reporter: governor schwarzenegger successfully got legislative approval to require background checks for in-home support service workers last year. state data
9:17 pm
since then identified nearly 1,000 convicted felon working or seeking jobs in the program. 800 were fired but at least 200 continue to work because court subsequently ruled the state can only disqualify those who had committed just 3 specific crimes. physical child abuse not sexual. elderly abuse and defrauding public assistance programs. there are still 70,000 workers needing background checks. >> when you are talking about a population of people that are extremely vulnerable and that are in their own homes of t beam with serious criminal back ground could have contact with them. >>reporter: unbelievably privacy laws prevent authorities from telling the elderly and disabled their care give has committed a violent or financial crime. but the union representing in-home workers say out of nearly 400,000 care gives, 200 is a small number. while the crime do sound scary, john wilkins say 2 of his providers had criminal past and did a good job. >> someone criminal background
9:18 pm
is not prevent them from providing good care for an individual like myself. >>reporter: governor has already sent a letter to the legislature demanding a fix to the system. >> equivalent of saying to rapist or murderer come into my grandmother home and take care of them. >>reporter: until the fix program administrators are in a bind of knowing a violent felon past and not being able to legally fire or deny them employment. in sacramento, abc 7 news. all right on to the weekend weather forecast sandy is here and can be summed up in 3 words. hot hot hot. >> that's right. you have given it away now. toss it back to you. >> how hot? there you go. now we are talking. up to triple digit temperatures on monday. >> almost october too. >> so this is warm to hot fall weather that we expect around this time of year and we are going to get it. get you outside and show you what it looks like tonight from our east bay hills camera as we look towards oakland. it is
9:19 pm
clear. clear across the entire bay area and as a matter of fact it is clear across most of california tonight. tomorrow it is going to be a warmer day than what we saw today believe it or not. here are your numbers. still hanging on to the heat inland we have low to mid 70's around oakland, oakland, livermore, antioch san jose, los gatos, 59 in half man bay. 59 in san francisco and 68 degrees in santa rosa. even warmer tomorrow holding steady on sunday and most locations and then the heat peak on monday. let me she you the water vapor imagery. a strong ridge of high pressure you can see by the jet stream going well to the north of us. this ridge is extending all the way that canada. this is what is going to continue our warming for saturday. there is a little fly in the ointment. on sunday a strong trough is developing in the gulf of gulf of alaska that will weaken the ridge enough that our warming trend pauses on sunday. inland area about the same.
9:20 pm
beaches actually see temperatures drop a few degrees. but not for long. going back up again on monday and it is really going to get toasty around the entire area heading into monday with possible records. numbers tonight on the mild side. mainly 50's you will see upper 50's around concord, concord, antioch, sant san jos jose, palo alto, san mateo oshtion san francisco and upper 50's. low 50's around the north bay valley. it is a spare the air day for your saturday. poor air quality in the santa clara valley. moderate air quality in the inland east bay and good for the rest of the bay area. with weak sea breeze and late in the day temperatures are going to come up some more tomorrow. warm day in the south bay with 91 in san jose. 92 for saratoga on the peninsula 87 in san mateo o. 90 for palo alto up to 91 in los altos so warm there and if going to the pacifica fog fest just right. 74 degrees in and no fog to speak of by the way.
9:21 pm
could be a little bit on sunday. 75 in half moon bay. also around sunset district 76 degrees. warm day in downtown san francisco. 84. many of these temperatures running a good 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. hot in the north bay. summit up for napa, sonoma, santa ros rosa, novato mid 90's and east bay 90 in union city and inland community 94 danville and 95 in livermore. need sun screen if you are in santa cruz. 92 degrees. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. from very warm to hot inland and around the bay and temperatures rate near the coast mild to warm. low to upper 70's with graduate cooling trend coming the middle part of next week. doesn't really drop off until the he said of the work week next week. so very pleasant weather coming. fire danger o obviously, obviously a concern around this time of year. tomorrow good thing is we don't expect gusty wind so that helps out the situation.
9:22 pm
>> thanks very much. >> coming up. sarah shore one-on-one she wanted with iran president. now she waits for him to answer her question. >> the colbert report. bay area lawmaker invites the comedian to capitol hill to ut diibout very serious issue ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback alys gets us there... ... sometimes it just tas us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>> i'm absolutely thrilled. all i have ever wanted to do is go back to my unit and do my job. >> reaction from former air force major margaret whitt after federal judge ruled the air force must reinstate her decorated flight nurse from washington state is a lesbian and was fired under the military don't ask don't tell policy. but today the judge said that l not only did her
9:26 pm
sexual preference not affect the readiness or cohesion. just the opposite. her dismissal caused all the arm. air force is expected to appeal today's decision. >> the line between politics and entertainment has been blurring for years as you know and on capitol hill today it was wiped away. steven colbert or more specifically the conservative he plays on comedy central testified before the house judiciary committee. jonathan karl was there. >>reporter: this is what it looks like when steven colbert comes to congress. democrat inserrated the funny man to testify before the house sub committee on immigration because of this. >> it was time to get my farm on. and i was ready. >>reporter: for his comedy show colbert worked for a day as a farm worker. doing a job usually done by illegal immigrants. or kind of doing it. >> i'm paid by the bean or by
9:27 pm
the hour. >> bit hour. >> how many hours have i been working. >> about 12 minutes. >>reporter: show was funny but for this crowd much of colbert testimony fell flat. >> congresswoman asked me to share my vast experience spending one day as migrant farm worker. >>reporter: not so much maybe the easy answer is to have scientist develop vegetable that pick themself. hearing on the use of illegal farm work investigators do work most americans won't do. he chided congress for not dealing with the issue. >> i'm not a fan of the government doing anything. but i have to ask why isn't the government doing anything? maybe this bill would help. i don't know. like most members of congress i haven't read it. >>reporter: at least one republican on the committee took offense. >> i think that he mocked the hearing process. i think it was his intent to do that. >> not the typical crowd at congressional hearing on a friday on any subject.
9:28 pm
>>reporter: toward the end of the hearing for a moment colbert got serious. >> i like talking about people who don't have any power and this seams like one of the least powerful people in the united states are may go rant workers who come and do our work but don't have any right as a result. >>reporter: worse it? are you glad you came. >> kind of fuchbility i learned a lot. >>reporter: worried about cival serious issue. maybe not but probably not invited back any time soon. this is abc news capitol hill. the. >> when we continues tonight, tonight, held hospital stamp. robbers kidnap bank teller strap suspected become to his chest and then use him to steal money from the bank. >> murder at 13,000 feet. trial for a belgium woman accused of murdering her friend by sabotaging her parachute. >> and are the unused pills in the medicine cabinet contributing to america's drug problem. what you can do
9:29 pm
about it this weekend. 7 news at 9:00 continues
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úp p@ >> good evening once again. here's a look at the headlines we are following for you this friday night. federal judge has cleared the way for california's first execution since 2006 after the state revise the its lethal injection procedures. correction officials scheduled he execution of albert greenwood brown for next wednesday. >> cell phone video of the fake arrest of teenager in san jose. family of the 15-year-old boy took the video and gave it to our media partner san jose mercury news saying they wanted people to see how a san jose police officer abused his authority.
9:33 pm
they say he came to their home when he found out their son was having sex with his 14-year-old stepdaughter. officer put the teen in handcuffs as an apparent scare tactic sky judge today temporarily suspended criminal proceedings against the man accused of kidnapping j.c. dugard and holding her prisoner for 18 years. philip public defender says her client may be mentally incompetent to participate in his defense. headline. in florida today chilling hospital stamp drama played out. the target bank of america in coral gables just outside miami. and how the robber pulled off this heistst seemed especially cruel. matt has the story. >> police say this man a 25-year-old bank teller was turned into a human bomb to pull off a daring bank heist. it began as home invasion overnight. assailant burst into diego home holding him and his father at gun point. then at about 8:00 a.m. 2 of
9:34 pm
the men forced the bank teller into his car and ordered him to drive to his bank. but before sending him in, the robbers strabd what -- strapped what they said was bomb to his chest. >> they said we have a triggering device. want to you get as much money as you possibly can and bring it out to us. >>reporter: the only other person in the bank at the time was the branch manager gathered the money the teller came back out into the parking lot. bomb still strapped to his body. handed money over to the robbers. they drove off having never stepped foot inside this bank. bank manager alerted the police and s.w.a.t. team bomb squad and fbi swarm snarling traffic on u.s. 1. >> it is an unusual event to have explosives strapped to a victim and sent in. >>reporter: for 3 hours he remain in the bank until the bomb squad helped him cut the bomb off his body. he is still being questioned by
9:35 pm
police. >> matt reporting. fbi still trying to figure out if this device was in fact a real bomb. 3 assailant have disappeared an as for how much money was stolen authorities not being specific. they never are. only saying it is an unusually largely amount for a bank heist. the trial has begun for belgium school teacher accused of killing her arrive national a love triangle by cutting the cord of the woman parachute. she fell 13,000 feet to her death 4 years ago. her fall was captured on film by her own helmet videocamera horrifying as you can imam that was. she and the woman both loved their sky diving instructor. policeen she couldn't cut the heart strings to the instructor she cut the parachute cord instead but the shoot failed to open and plunged to her death. >> saver ashore met in person
9:36 pm
with the president of iran in new york city today. and came out of a meeting hopeful. she pleaded for the release of her fiance shane and their friend josh from an iran prison. they were arrested while hiking near the iraq iran border and accused of spying. shore spent 14 years in solitary confinement and released 10 days ago for health and humanitarian reasons. >> so it is a good filling for me to be able to tell him my story directly. so i'm very thankful for this and hopeful it would make a difference for shane and josh. >> the president did not answer a direct question today about whether men would be released. police drug agent say a pricing amount of unused medicine winds out on the streets where used or sold. so police station across the country are opening their doors tomorrow in the first ever nationwide take back your unused prescription day. details now from 7 on your side makeal finney.
9:37 pm
>> pills pills and more pichlts 250 billion dollars worth every year. most americans have been prescribed at least some kind of medication and often they don't take every pill in the bottle. >> i still have a lot of it that i'm holding on to in case i need it one day. >> one of the reasons people hold on to the stuff is nobody, i'm not sure people actually believe that the sell by date is the sell bay date on the stuchlt muscle relaxer. pain medication like from a surgery. >> pain killer i got from the dentist two years old but i put it in the garbage. that was probably wrong, right? >>reporter: drugs that are not properly disposed of may wind up in our water supply or land fill. however law enforcement officials say leaving them in your home is not a good idea either. a he.
9:38 pm
>> they actually come from family or friend and of time from family medicine cabinet. >>reporter: san francisco police sergeant michael andrew says most prescription drug abusers today are obtaining the pills from unwitting family members or friends who leave unused medicine in their cabinet. >> we are talking about vicodin. oxycontin and other types of medication. people use to get high. >>reporter: some of the drugs wind up being sold here on the streets and officials say teenagers are the most likely to experiment with pharmaceutical they find in a family home. according tthe drug enforcements administration one in 7 teenagers admit they have used prescription drugs to get high. most teens say pharmaceutical are easier to obtain than illegal drugs. over all 6.two million americans have used medication the that is not prescribed to them. that is more than the number who use heroin, louis general and cocaine combined. law enforcements agency across
9:39 pm
the nation are asking everybody to empty their medicine cabinet tomorrow him if of unwanted pill. police and sheriff across the bay area are opening their doors to let you drop-off your drugs for free. legal drugs that is. >> illegal drugs are not covered in this type of a thing. this program. so we are not accepting cocaine or methamphetamine or things like that. >> consumer say up until now they have been uncertain as to what to do with their unused pills. >> no place to recycle them. can't go to whole food and put a thing for battery but nothing for oxycontin. >>reporter: there are places in each county to dispose of prescription medicine starting with tomorrow's event. now i post add link where you can find the drop-off point closest to you and you can also find recycler there that take your pharmaceutical year round. now you will find it all at abc 7 this is 7 on your side.
9:40 pm
as we continue here tonight. saying goodbye to the last buffalo soldier. >> military honors for a pilot who refused to give up the controls despite
9:41 pm
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>> two million people more than the population of san francisco and san jose combined have lost their homes in nigeria. it may be because of human error. authorities opened flood gates on 2 swollen dam sending a nud of water over 5000 villages. not clear whether resident received any warning or anyone injured or missing but certainly a high probability of that. >> british pilot has been awarded distinguished flying cross for bringing 6 wounded troops back to base in
9:44 pm
afghanistan despite being shot in the head. about incident was captured by the discovery channel. flight lieutenant fortune was taking off from the province in january when the helicopter came under fire from the taliban. if not only was the pilot hit in the head, head, a bullet severed a hydraulic line. >> had a quick xwlaps in the mirror available to see what is going on down at the rear
9:45 pm
of the aircraft and i saw the injury on my face. that's when i realized what had happen. i had been struck with a bullet and survived which is actually why i felt quite good. a bit of a feeling of elation there. i have been jut been hit with a bullet and i'm still here. >>reporter: his helmet deflected much of the bullet thankfully. look at the blood thochlt safely landed helicopter and all of the wounded soldiers survived add last name is fortune. aptly named. >> highly decorated war hero in america was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery today. if if the vernon baker was the only living black world war ii veteran to ever 7 the congressional medal of honest. also was the last surviving buffalo soldier. major led suicide assault that help the ally drive the german
9:46 pm
army out of northern italy. white commander dessert ised him and his men during the battle. grandson says baker considers himself a simple soldier who did his job and that was it. >> laid to rest today at arlington national cemetery. >> from time to time everyone is strapped for cash and may not know how to pay their bills. even perhaps the queen of england? that story coming up. >> plus some of the world most famous paintings that will famous paintings that will leaf you with a good yççñóçi)ññ
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to give them sometng special. their d seats, 5 and 6, row c. [ male announcer ] citi thankyou points can used for almost anything you choose. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >> seems even a monarch needs a little help from time to time to get by especially when the cost of heating those drafty old palace sores to over one million dollars a
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year in the independent report queen elizabeth looked to the government to pay the bills to heat buckingham palace. she sought a hand out from a program that subsidizes cost for the poor. government minister considered slipping her the funds but eventually rebuffed the quen's request to avoid any adverse publicity. can you imagine? all right let's go back up date the weekend weather forecast. sandy is here with. that. >>reporter: we get the natural heating variety in the bay area tomorrow morning. we look at clear skies. air mass continues to warm so today's warming is nothing. another 3 to 6 degrees warming tomorrow. 90's inland. we are going with 70's at the beaches and watch what happens on our accu-weather 7 day forecast. spare the air day temperatures sunday holding around the bay and inland. slight drop-off along the coast. but then the heat is on monday 100 inland upper 70's at our coast line. really going to get toasty with possible records on monday and graduate.
9:51 pm
>> looking for way to beat the heat this weekend this will good on display in san francisco once again. this is most famous painting in the world. star ri night by van gogh. the exhibit post impression master piece from the museum is the second of 2 exhibit from the museum permanent collection. it opens to the public tomorrow and runs through january 18th. avail yourself of that opportunity. many in this collection may never again be in this country. have to go to paris to see them which is not all bad. >> rick is here with sports. >> paining his own master piece. per game for awhile. san francisco opened big 3 game series in colorado. back to his old cy young self but pat left the giants?o?oxw?w?oó
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
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with mes creativity, she'll be able to create jobs here in califnia. i'm mariano ruiz and i'm aeg whitman success story. until two years ago, when myad transferred to istanbul. they settled in quickly. found their local deli. a few shortcuts. and a ighborhood hangout. but there's one thing they miss. their beloved hometown team. so i asked citi -- how many the to give them something speci. their old seats, 5nd 6, row c. [ malennouncer ] citi thankyou points can be used foalmost anything you choose. what's your story? citi canelp you write it.
9:55 pm
>> san jose police consider new rules for their officers after one of them appears to make a fake arrest in this cell phone video. >> and holy grail of aviation. you will see a map flying an aircraft using only the power of his legs. those stories and more coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00. rick is hear with all the sports. giants baseball getting pretty exciting at the end. >> crazy. one day they blow out the competition. tonight a real nail biter. giants open huge 3 game series tonight in colorado. they began the day with just half game lead over the padres in a 3 and a half game lead over the rockies. let's go out to coors field. bruce would see the team struggle at the plate but tim was just about perfect on the mound. he gets stewart in the fifth. he had a per game through 5. rockies finally got to him in the sixth with two out. eric young junior finds a hole. scores to make it zip. pat connects off this with a no doubt 2 run blast to left. 17th put san francisco on top
9:56 pm
2-1. tim would get the victory striking out 9 over 8. he allowed 2 hit. giants remain in first with two-1 victory. a's slim hope of catching texas are just about gone. highlights courtesy of comcast trailing in the sixth. oakland on the board with matt car so that 2 out single. rangers erupt for 5 run seventh with bases loaded. the rip of double off booth and another home run. now in the 9th texas ladies 10-3. >> still in search of the first win of the season. the 49 ers play at kansas city on sunday. despite being o and 2 san francisco does come in slight favorite. that's because of the monday nature showing against the saints after a slow start the offense came to life. san francisco came close to upsetting superbowl champs. 49 ers hope to build on that as they prepare for the unbeaten khichlts as i said before it's
9:57 pm
a building block. step in the rate direction. can't get over confident or don't drink the could loan just splash it on. >>reporter: next week warrior assistant smart is expected to replace nelson as team new head coach. but tonight there was no talk of basketball as smart and former williams met with victims of the san bruno fire. smart knows firsthand what they are going through. in 1995 he lost his home in indiana when a fire destroyed his entire neighborhood. this sunday in hayward fry takes on philadelphia for the women professional soccer league championship. today if tiffany put on a clinic at redding elementary school in san francisco. natalee teamed one to work with kids and american scores is after school program that uses soccer to empower students in your ban community. title game, mick has the preview.
9:58 pm
>> then players forward. sent in. lacking for 2. left side. and it is in. christine. gold pride. >>reporter: they were regular season champion with a record and as a result got a two week by before hosting the championship game. >> it has been a great season. we are just really excited we get to host a by to rest up a little bit and just get ready for the big game. >> i think it is good. definitely an advantage for us and the fact we get good recovery that is good because people have injuries to heal up. >>reporter: from worse to first in one year? >> i think that we really have put in the hard work all season long but combination of different stills of play and we have a lot of different personality that make it happen. having that variety is a winning combination. >> number fairngs well acquiring the best player in the world doesn't hurt either.
9:59 pm
led the league with 19 goal in 24 games and named mvp for the second year in a row. >> uses what she brings on and off the field. her work ethic and desire to compete and be the best if never come across in a player like that in men or women. >>reporter: her english is limited but know where is she is headed on sunday. >> very exited for the championship game. >> time for us to paint our mass they are piece i think we'll be able to do that in the final. >>reporter: this is abc 7 sports. >> pretty exciting. >> back to baseball real quick. the pad lead the reds 4-3 in the eighth so padres hold on the giants still lead by half game. >> oh. go padres. >> don't want the pad. >> go giant. >> i got you. thanks very much. >> go giants. we know that. >> i'm dan ashley for rick and sandy have a good night see sandy have a good night see you in an hour

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